The Slow Road with Stone & Wood

The first chapter of The Slow Road, with Jared from Jilly Wines. 

Around these part, we like to take it slow…  You’re not going to find too many hustlers or bustlers, or even traffic lights for that matter. The coffee lines are still long, but it’s got more to do with chatty baristas, rather than the rush hour.

Our Slow Road series lets you jump in with the craftsmen, producers, creatives, makers, entertainers & friends that cross our well worn path.  Come with us and soak in our backyard and the legends who enjoy a beer or two. 

In our first chapter, we head about 30 minutes (45 in the truck) south-west of Byron to a quaint little village called Clunes where we picked up Jared Dixon (the man behind Jilly Wines).

Discover his passion for wine and beer as he brews an experimental oak-wooded Saison with us on our pilot brewery.  Cheers!


The Slow Road - Chapter 1 - Jilly Wines from Stone & Wood on Vimeo.