Can I change plans?

You may change your plan’s volume, wine preference and/or frequency at any time by either contacting us, or logging in via the top right. That's it, just up there, under 'login.'


Can I swap between Mixed and Red Wine only packs?

We welcome you to changing your preference at any time - change your mind as often as the season if you would like. You can also access your selection via the login, just change it as needed!


What is the best plan to join?

6 - 12 wines, every month. You'll gain exclusive access to our new releases as well as enjoying 15%, and free express shipping.


How much is delivery?

Free for you, always. (And trackable, so you always know where the Lone Ranger is.)


When will I be charged?

Set up and plan your month's preferred delivery date at anytime. Your card is charged one day prior to dispatch, so we can prepare all orders in advance. In order to ensure prompt delivery, please let us know if you have any changes to payment methods as soon as possible via the login item, above.


Can I skip a delivery?

Of course. You can 'miss a month' by logging into your account and selecting the “skip delivery” button. You account will automatically activate again ready for the next delivery.


What happens if my card fails?

We'll have your goods packed and ready for the horse, and retry to charge your card again 5 days later as well, as reaching out to you to let you know we have had trouble with your payment.


How do I cancel my Wine Service?

You can of course cancel anytime, if it just isn't working for you. We'd always love to know why. 


If you've still got a big question mark following you around, email jillywineco@gmail.com


The Longer Ranger x